Business Services

Our ideal business client will have the following characteristics:

  • Privately owned (not publicly traded) C Corporation, S Corporation, LLC, General Partnership, or Sole Proprietor operating a for-profit business in any state in America.

Full charge bookkeeping and accounting services:

  • Posting and summarizing transactions from all sources in a QuickBooks file that can be kept and maintained on our system or your own system.
  • Managing and maintaining your general ledger including tax and other year-end adjusting journal entries – this makes tax prep a breeze and will reduce our business tax prep fees significantly.
  • Reconciling all bank and credit card accounts and providing cash flow reports as needed.
  • Preparation of a basic set of UNAUDITED financial statements (WE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY ATTEST SERVICES – AUDITS, REVIEWS, COMPILATIONS)
  • Accounts payable services, including check writing through stuffing of envelopes. We would love to become you’re A/P department; this can be done at a much lower cost than hiring an employee with required level of experience to match the our expertise.
  • Accounts receivable services, including the preparation of billing statements and or invoices and statement- to- invoice reconciliations as needed by you or your customers, we will also stuff and mail the envelopes. We would love to become you’re A/R department also.

Full Service income tax Preparation, Compliance and Planning Services:

  • Conduct an initial tax planning meeting. During the initial meeting we, not only get to know you, but also gain a complete understanding of your business and your industry. We also take a look at the historical tax health of you and the business and will make sure that all income, payroll, and other tax returns for prior years were properly filed with IRS and State. If your business is just starting, we will make sure your tax health gets off to the perfect start.
  • Once you are “on our radar” as a business client, we make every effort to stay in regular communication with you. We monitor the operations of the business and take regular measurements of operating profits and consult with you in preparing estimated tax projections. We provide advice on the tax implications of asset acquisitions and or dispositions as well as other business transactions you might enter into and or avoid.
  • Year-end tax planning and finalization of the financial position and results of operations of the business through the preparation and E-Filing of the Federal and State business and personal tax returns. We do not stop here. At the same time we close out the current tax year, we immediately start planning the next and conduct a post-tax-prep planning meeting. During this meeting, we gather information as to your business plans for the immediate and future tax years. We take aggressive action to help you implement the plan so that any tax liabilities are kept to a minimum. We keep you informed of any pending tax law changes or “sun sets” we are aware of that may impact your business plan.

Other Misc services we provide:

  • Annual miscellaneous form filings such as 1099MISC, 571-L, Statement of Information, etc.
  • Other general services needed by most businesses – formation, dissolution, new business set ups
  • Responding to IRS, State, EDD, and other agency notices – these agencies are “turning over rocks” these days, looking for ways to assess tax, penalties, and interest. We have an excellent track record of providing services such that these notices are far and few between. Many clients come to us with a tax mess created by either themselves or other firms. We have a proven success rate of resolving and cleaning up these types of messes.


With all of the reference to business services on this page, one might be led to believe that we don’t have a real heart for helping individuals take care of their personal tax lives. This is not the case. Our non-business individual client base is vital to our survival and generates a significant portion of our revenue.

Our ideal personal income tax client is any hard-working individual and or family with earnings and deductions from the voluminous sources available within the United States or abroad. We currently have a wide range of individuals of all ages, ethnicities, professional backgrounds, and income brackets. We have years of experience working with individuals who have a complex tax life but also have an equal amount of experience working with individuals who are wage earners and whose only source of income is a W2.

Regardless of the complexity, all United States Citizens must properly prepare and file Federal and State income tax returns. And since the U.S. has the most complicated, convoluted, miss-understood, and miss-quoted tax system, I feel it is my responsibility as a CPA to help others understand it and not be so afraid of it.

We appreciate clients who have a “big picture” approach to their tax lives, not just a “big refund” approach. Of course, we work very hard at minimizing our clients’ tax liabilities but, our ideal client will have an understanding of and willingness to adhere to the “tax culture” that has (good or bad) developed in the United States over the past one hundred years or more. We appreciate clients who have a willingness and desire to learn because we love to educate our clients on how to avoid the pitfalls of bad or non-existent tax planning and compliance.